Project description

This is the most important present-day intervention in Turin. This Tower overlooks the city dominating it with its 160 m of height. 39 floors above ground and 6 underground floors to host Bank offices and operating spaces, but not only. The skyscraper offers a space devoted to the city life, an auditorium, public places and even a high altitude bioclimatic greenhouse, a green island that stands out on the Alps horizon.

The most advanced technological and engineering solutions were adopted to build it, in compliance with the principles of environmental sustainability safety, quality and comfort standards.

From a structural point of view the Tower is a high-rise composite steel (“Megacolumns” and trusses) and concrete structure (floors and “core”), resting on a concrete base at about 25 m below the ground level.

CEAS dealt with the structural control of the project, providing assistance during calls for tender and managed the structural works of the 1st Lot (excavations and walls to build the underground part) and of the 2nd Lot (Tower structures) together with the General Works Management of Jacobs Italia SpA.