Code Of Ethics

CEAS srl code of ethics expresses the commitments and the ethical responsibilities in conducting the business activities undertaken by the company directors and employees. It is an integral part of the “Organization, management and control model” pursuant to art. 6 of Legislative Decree 231/2001 concerning the “Discipline of the administrative responsibility of juridical persons”. The Code aim is to promote high professional standards forbidding all practices against the legal provisions in force and/or the principles the Company wants to recommend. The Code is addressed to the corporate body components, employees, members, business partners, external partners, who must follow scrupulously the standards and the rules of conduct it contains. The Company activities must be carried out according to the provisions of the code of ethics concerning each professional figure (professional trade organizations, such as Registers etc.), trade and sector organizations joined by the Company. This reflects the Company’s mission to offer design and calculation advice services for civil, structural, infrastructural, geotechnical, architectural and city planning engineering, design coordination and integrated design, as well as works management, static testing and worksite safety coordination (Legislative Decree 81/2008) and software production and distribution in the same sectors.

Download the Organization, management and control model pursuant to art.6 of Legislative Decree 231/200: