Building Information Modeling

CEAS opened the way for an important change of mentality, offering its customers further efficiency and quality opportunities.

In September 2019 CEAS added the BIM certification to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification.
The BIM certificate has been issued by the independent body ICMQ for “the integrated design, architectural, structural, geotechnical, construction engineering services, building permits, general project coordination, computation, planning and construction supervision


The building sector is undergoing an important change. The BIM is a revolutionary working method that is quickly changing the complex building processes, simultaneously speeding up the project completion, reducing costs and improving the general quality.
BIM allows anticipating decisions
BIM facilitates integrated design
BIM reduces costs, time and uncertainties
BIM embraces the building sector with ICT


The cost of a project life cycle includes concept and design (5%), construction (30%), and asset management and maintenance cost (65%). The use of BIM showed total cost savings of the life cycle between 5% and 20%, both during construction, thanks to a strong reduction of the risk of error and a better control of the construction process, and during use of the Asset, with a strong reduction of maintenance costs.


BIM: Building Information Modeling


Bulding. We examine the “Building” or in any case the “Project”, in the broadest sense of the word, through all the stages of its life cycle, from the work design to construction, maintenance and renovation.


Information. The project, graphic and documentary “Information” is directed to an IT platform we provide our Customers with. The systemic integration in a unique BIM interface reduces time, ensures unequivocal communication among all stakeholders in real time, reducing errors and uncertainties as well as costs.


Modeling. We develop 3D, 4D and 5D “Models” of our projects checking their geometry, functions, time and costs. With our partners we can also obtain 6D and 7D Models, that check energy and environmental sustainability and produce the Asset management model.