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About Us

A group of professionals. Extensive experience in integrated and multidisciplinary engineering.

CEAS is passion for the Project, the response to the challenges of complexity. CEAS is the application of integrated engineering at its highest standards of quality and sustainability. It delivers the utmost professional performance for both large-scale projects and small-scale works, ensuring long-term client satisfaction.

CEAS is a group of professionals dedicated to the continuous improvement of their work, applying forty years of field-gained experience that grows day by day.
All of this embodies CEAS: the pinnacle of experience turning vision into achievable projects.

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CEAS today

A team of specialized professionals with significant experience in the implementation of complex civil engineering projects in Italy and abroad. Individuals who stand out for their ability to approach work as a new opportunity for growth, whether it be large-scale complex projects or smaller-scale ones.

Our team