About us

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in integrated and multidisciplinary engineering.

CEAS means passion for the Project, the answer to complex challenges. CEAS means the application of integrated engineering at its highest standards of quality and sustainability. This means not only the maximum professional work performance for both large and small works, but also long-term customer satisfaction.

CEAS is a team of professionals devoted to the continuous improvement of their work, thanks to the application of forty years of experience gained in the field that grows from day to day.

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Our History


The beginning

In 1980 a team of engineers specialized in structural calculation, with valuable experience gained in the prestigious “Studio Finzi, Nova, Castellani”, gave birth to CEAS.

Starting from structural analysis for civil buildings, but also for nuclear power plants, they opened their range of activities to other areas as well. They solved successfully complex engineering problems from the design phases to the executive ones.



All the features and peculiarities of the engineering disciplines, in CEAS, become a great experience of integrated and multidisciplinary engineering.
This know-how has been applied for the renovation of the Meazza Stadium in Milan, the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, as well as large public works, such as the Passante Ferroviario in Milan.


Multidisciplinary approach

In 1999 the Urban Parking Plan of the Municipality of Milan gave CEAS the chance to create a first multidisciplinary design team. From then on CEAS started offering wide-ranging Integrated and multidisciplinary Engineering services: from geotechnical and environmental characterization of sites, to architectural design; from the development of architectural and artistic aspects to structural, plant, energy and acoustic ones.

The versatility and multidisciplinarity of CEAS has played a fundamental role in the change of the Milan skyline, as well as in the city enjoyment. The Porta Nuova complex for Fondazione Prada premises, the new City Life district and the big infrastructural works for Expo are just some of the most important works carried out by CEAS.



Today CEAS is the sole interlocutor for large and small projects of minimum and maximum complexity. A unique solution for project management and works management. A careful, scrupulous, but also creative and pragmatic partner.

CEAS groupe

Our members

Our team

A team of specialized professionals with significant experience in the realization of complex civil engineering works, both in Italy and abroad. Members of our team are passionate, motivated, and always consider work as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Both when dealing with large, complex works, and when working on smaller, less elaborate projects.

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