Bruno Finzi

Founding member of CEAS, Managing Director, Technical Manager and Administrative and Sales Manager of the company.

Well-known and very experienced structural engineer, he designed and supervised works both in big metalwork building sites such as the new roof of the Meazza Stadium in Milan and of the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the 1990 FIFA World Cup, and in complex historic and monumental building renovations such as churches, museums, hospitals and university buildings for the Municipality of Milan, the Catholic University of Milan and the Ministry for Arts and Culture.

He is a specialist in the analysis, restoration and static adjustment of monumental and historic buildings and in the renovation of buildings damaged by the downgrading of the materials.

He has been project reviewer, director of works and inspector of several skyscrapers built in the last decade in Italy and abroad such as the Garibaldi-Repubblica Towers, the Isozaky Towers, Hadid and Libeskind in Milan Citylife district and Grattacielo Intesa SanPaolo in Turin by Renzo Piano.

He is also very experienced as Safety Coordinator in building sites both as design coordinator and work execution coordinator.

He is the President of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Milan.