Services and skills

Interacting multiple and specific knowledge

Integrated design

We acquired an important integrated design experience in infrastructure works, civil buildings and urban regeneration of former industrial areas. The final executive and structural design is carried out internally for all civil engineering issues coordinating a well-established team of external experts. This ensures an integrated product in all the disciplines, from architecture to structures, plants, environment, territory, and safety. We can follow the whole development of a work, from its design to its construction. We help the Art Direction in the work design. We acquire the necessary building permits and we help our Customers during the works contract. We ensure the execution of the works thanks to a works management checking and coordinating the whole construction process and safety, monitoring continuously the intervention time and costs.


Structural engineering

As to civil works, we offer design services, works management and static testing. We have specific skills of structural material technology and a considerable experience in the redevelopment of damaged historical buildings. In the field of industrial facilities the knowledge of production processes allows us to find out extremely performing solutions, in compliance with the site requirements and critical issues. As to structural calculation, thanks to our historical origins, we offer expert advice on static, dynamic, linear and non-linear numerical calculation to support structural and geotechnical design in all the engineering fields.

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Geotechnical engineering

We offer advice on the analysis of different types of foundations and in general on all types of structures interacting with the soil. The specific knowledge of the building methods, acquired after many years of work on the construction site, is now the basic knowhow of our design. We can analyse and check the construction phases of tunnels and underground structures, providing optimized solutions as to dimensioning and construction site set-up.


Architectural engineering

Our team of engineers and architects can engineer all the architectural components of a project, from the design concept transposition of matter and formal transposition to an integrated and suitable building system of technological solutions supplying the best answers to the project performances. Our experience in the conventional and innovative materials science, our knowledge of their production, processing and installation methods make it possible to find both customized and optimized solutions for products and industrial components and single solutions.


Project Management

Our project management applies all our basic knowledge. Together with the skills and the personal experiences of our project managers this allows us to achieve the project goals and to meet our customer requirements. Our project managers accompany the project in all its phases, from design to construction. To us each project is unique and complex. We guarantee that time, cost and quality restraints are respected through a continuous planning, execution and control process of the various resources constantly ensuring communication among stakeholders.


Worksite safety

Our approach to safety is based on the principle of ensuring mutual respect and relaxation in the workplace. This reduces considerably the risks, contributing to improve working conditions, to increase the worksite productivity and to reduce the total construction costs. Our coordination of safety during design and construction is based on a continuous cycle of analyses, evaluation, organization and process and processing control. We have more than twenty years of experience in this field combining worksite experiences with specialist knowledge of the various disciplines within a process that we consider an integral and synergistic part of the works design to ensure a quality result checking time and costs on behalf of our customers.


Building Information Modeling

The BIM allows us to provide our customers with the digitized management of processes, developing a cooperative work approach. This ensures the integrated management of all the geometrical and information features of the construction, during its whole life cycle, from programming and design to building and maintenance. We offer our customers the IT infrastructure for organized data collection and management, ensuring accessibility, traceability and storage. We do not offer a simple project modelling, but we propose the complete management of processes. In this way we validate models and design is not just a simple three-dimensional representation of the future construction, with further efficiency and quality opportunities.


Software development

Since the birth of our company, we have been developing structural and geotechnical programs, such as design tools, and we have been providing consultants and professionals with technical support. In addition to commercial products we develop tools devoted to specific Customer requirements. We offer our assistance and support for using software packages, produced by leading software houses and distributed by Harpaceas, for engineering and scientific research in the construction field, the geotechnical characterization of rocks and rock mechanics.