The progress from structural analysis to integrated design. Passion, evolution, growth, diversification.




In 1980 a team of engineers specialized in structural calculation, with valuable experience gained in the prestigious “Studio Finzi, Nova, Castellani”, gave birth to CEAS.

Starting from structural analysis for civil buildings, but also for nuclear power plants, they opened their range of activities to other areas as well. They solved successfully complex engineering problems from the design phases to the executive ones.



All the features and peculiarities of the engineering disciplines, in CEAS, become a great experience of integrated and multidisciplinary engineering.
This know-how has been applied for the renovation of the Meazza Stadium in Milan, , the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, as well as large public works, such as the Passante Ferroviario in Milan.

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In 1999, the Urban Parking Plan of the Municipality of Milan gave CEAS the chance to create a first multidisciplinary design team. From then on CEAS started offering wide-ranging Integrated and multidisciplinary Engineering services: from geotechnical and environmental characterization of sites, to architectural design; from the development of architectural and artistic aspects to structural, plant, energy and acoustic ones.



The versatility and multidisciplinarity of CEAS has played a fundamental role in changing Milan’s skyline, as well as in the city enjoyment. The Porta Nuova complex, the Fondazione Prada Museum, the new City Life district and the big infrastructures for Expo 2015 are just some of the most important projects carried out by CEAS in the second decade of the 2000s.

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Today CEAS is a constantly growing organism, structured and organized to face the challenges of the future, such as sustainability, urban regeneration and project integration through the BIM approach. With this vocation, the group has contributed to the development of Green Pea in Turin – the world’s first Green Retail Park – and has participated in the redevelopment of the San Siro area, signing the PFTE for the master plan of the New Stadium of Milan and leading the technical coordination of the project team during the Public Debate.

The opening of the corporate BIM Office and the recent creation of the Construction and Consulting Ares, as well as the strengthening of the PM Office, consolidate the role of CEAS as a single interlocutor for projects of any complexity, from the concept phase to the construction and management of the asset.