Quality System

CEAS adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, in order to improve its technical and economic efficiency and to make the Customer Service more effective.

That is why all the Organization members undertake to achieve the set corporate goals, including the high technical quality standard of its services and the continuous improvement of the performances for its customers, in compliance with the Code of Ethics and the professional ethics.

The business management, and especially the Quality System members, are available to all staff to provide the necessary assistance and collect comments to improve the System efficiency and rationalization.

Statement by the Chairman:

Our company offers several competitive advantages to our customers, with innovative solutions and services. We understand our customer requirements and we match them with the regulatory requirements. We try to go beyond our customer requirements to meet their unexpressed needs. To us “Quality” means “compliance with the requirements”. To increase the degree of satisfaction of our customers we continuously develop and improve the performances of our projects, processes and services. To improve continuously we define some “goals” and we check if they are achieved. Our “Quality Strategy” is what allows us to achieve our goals. Our processes are globally harmonized, in order to ensure the operating activity excellence. We implement our administrative and business policies to harmonize our processes. We manage our Suppliers’ Quality cooperating closely with them and imposing our principles on them. We prevent and eliminate non-conformities through Preventive and Corrective Actions. We regularly review the Quality trend results with our members and Board members during the Management meetings. I disclosed “our” Quality Strategy to our central staff members and to all the members of our team. “Our strategy” sharing and awareness are “our strength”. Therefore, we have the necessary resources to implement the necessary actions.

Patrizia Polenghi
Chairman of the Management Board Milan, July 2018.