Giovanni Canetta

Founding member of CEAS, Managing Director, Technical Manager and member of the corporate Scientific Committee. Together with Pierangelo Felotti and Bruno Becci, he is Software Area Manager.

Very experienced structural and geotechnical engineer, he developed specific skills in the geotechnical field especially in the numerical calculation of underground structures in loose soils and in the development and the application of numerical models (FEM, FDM. DEM codes, etc.) to excavation and consolidation problems.

He is specialized in the calculation of tunnels in loose soils and in urban areas, such as the Milan Passante railway and the Milan underground.

He designed several industrial buildings, offshore platforms, reactors and tanks for chemical plants, power plant facilities and power-generating facilities. One of the latest is the LNG terminal of Panigaglia and the Repower wind farm in Lucera.

He also acquired remarkable experience in the infrastructure sector and planned tunnels and works of art for railway and hydraulic lines for Italferr, Cepav1 and Cepav2.

The position he held as Director of works in Porta Nuova Garibaldi complex is particularly important and complex.