Project description

Tenaris has been producing seamless steel pipes for over a hundred years. Dalmine steelworks integrates Tenaris industrial system, producing pipes for onshore and ultra-deepwater pipelaying.

The plant obtained the ISO EN 14001 environmental certification and it is connected to the district heating system of the Municipality of Dalmine.

CEAS designed the structures of the new 120 MW thermal power plant inside Tenaris Dalmine factory, carried out the executive structural design, the plant foundation and minor works design and managed the works. The design coordination was managed by TECHINT.

The plant consists of two gas turbines and one steam turbine to produce power, inside a steel building, as well as of several ancillary facilities: tanks, control buildings, safety systems, pipes for district heating reaching buildings within 8 km.

Different types of foundations were built for the turbine building according to the working loads and the maximum acceptable subsidence: from the poles for the main columns and the turbine tower to the grade beam for the foundations of braced columns, to the independent footing for the structure columns. This very varied design took into account the architectural and engineering requirements and the building times, with continuous changes during construction to meet the plant requirements gradually arisen.