Project description

Founded in 1907, the cement plant at Calusco d’Adda is one the most up-to-date plants of Italcementi plants. Its renovation made the cement plant one of the most performing and sustainable plants in Europe.

The raw milling process building height is equal to 33 m above ground. The load-bearing framework is made of pillars, beams and partition walls, mainly of reinforced concrete. Some decks are made of steel.

The mill foundation has an octagonal plan and it is 7 m thick. The project has been influenced by dynamic requirements: the mill mass is equal to 540 tons; the mass of the foundation and of the other parts is 2,200 tons; the dynamic action is 2.9 MN vertically (acting randomly with 1.5 Hz spectrum and a residue between 10 and 20 Hz).

The preheating tower consists of two reinforced concrete parts joined by intermediate perimeter walls and by the slabs with the staircases and the lift. Six metal decks at intermediate levels rest on the two parts, supported by two metal columns located on the north side.

On the whole about 7,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete and 900 tons of metalwork are used on a foundation 3 metres thick.