Project description

The cement plant in Matera is one of the most advanced Italcementi plants. Thanks to its revamping in 2010, it is even more efficient and at the same time more environmentally friendly. Its very good production performances, with a reduced consumption of raw materials, fuels and water resources, correspond to very low emissions.

The cement plant lies east of Matera at Trasanello, along the Appian Way at about 7 Km from the city centre. The construction works of the cement plant of Matera started in the early 1970s, while the kiln was started in December 1974. In 2008 the plant revamping began and in May 2010 the new kiln was started. In 2011 an air quality monitoring protocol was signed with Basilicata Region, Province and the Municipality of Matera.

CEAS designed the structures of the preheating tower, modelled and built with a finite element program, under static loads and during a seismic event (modal analysis). The preheating tower is 90 m high above ground and its maximum plan size is about 22 x 25 m. The structure consists of 4 reinforced concrete corner elements, two of which are closed and contain the silos and the staircases/the lift) and two are open (C-shaped). The metal decks supporting the systems rest on reinforced concrete corbels, overhanging the corner elements. Special attention has been paid to the corbels, given the considerable size of the loads involved.