Project description

The construction of underground areas for car parking, included in the Urban Parking Plan of the Municipality of Milan, is an efficient traffic fluidity measure, eliminating stops from arterial roads and speeding up public transport. From 1999 to 2011 CEAS has designed 20 parking areas, 10 of which are now completed and operating.

Before this intervention, Piazza Novelli was a wide open area, with a central green area. However, its roundabout function made it dangerous for pedestrians, because of the heavy and rather fast vehicle traffic.

Therefore, it was very important to study the area traffic, allowing identifying the location and the geometrical features of the road interconnection element (ramp). The study also allowed defining the pedestrian flows enjoying the area. Studying the construction steps of the underground work allowed minimizing the impact of the construction works on traffic. The underground work was built in two steps, thanks to various temporary road networks, always ensuring suitable vehicle transit routes.

The infrastructure insertion was also bound by the management of the work interferences with the dense network of underground services and in particular of the most important interference created by a high voltage buried Terna power line (220kV). The power line was kept in operation thanks to a temporary bridge metalwork structure requiring a complex and very delicate intervention due to the oldness of the cable protection and insulation system.