Project description

The garage is included in the residential parking of the Urban Parking Plan (PUP) of the Municipality of Milan. The underground work houses 329 vehicles on 3 buried floors. Along Viale Caterina da Forlì near this parking there is a parking with 390 parking spaces, near the M1 underground stop Bande Nere, designed by Milan Underground.

The two project coordination required great effort, to ensure the final result unity, without interruption between the two works, even though designed and built by different professionals and operators.

The continuous interfacing of the two design and works management staffs made it possible to renovate the road axis. Thus the citizens were offered a unique topsoil with public green areas and an organic and functional subsoil, with a total of 719 parking spaces for operating stop and residents. The coordination activity aimed at checking the linguistic and functional expressions of the two projects, without damaging the two construction processes, with their own operating and contractual dynamics.