Project description

The creation of underground spaces for vehicle parking, included in the City Parking Plan of the Municipality of Milan, is an effective measure to improve the traffic flow. It eliminates the car stop from thoroughfares speeding up public transport. From 1999 to 2011 CEAS has planned 20 parks, 10 of which are now finished and working.

The creation of this underground area gave the chance to recover the square availability. The square is very big and strongly bound by the road network it is in. It contains one of the main urban roads, connecting the city centre to the motorway Autostrada dei laghi. The square, surrounded by public green areas, has been redeveloped through the creation of sports and recreation areas, with a strict separation and securing between pedestrian flows and vehicle flows.

The project for surface green areas allowed to preserve a wonderful specimen of Cedrus Altantica, of great aesthetic and environmental value and beloved by local people. So the cedar has been the cornerstone dictating the functional choices of the parking and the project rotated around it. The structural work to safeguard the specimen has been particularly relevant.