Project description

The Menotti 11 complex consists of four elegant buildings with two floors for garages and a theatre. The first building can be accessed directly from the main road, while the other three buildings, inside the property, overlook two courtyards with green areas. A horizontal partition structure made of laminated wood beams with ornamental plants has been installed to ensure more privacy between the public pathways on the ground floor and the residences on the upper floors. This is an aesthetic and environmental filter between the public and private sphere giving the complex more character and elegance.

At first the renovation, including the complete internal and external redevelopment and restoration of the property, will concern only the two buildings closer to the street and the corresponding underground garage for a total of 30 residential units and the renovation of 50 existing garages.

Then the renovation will be completed, offering a completely renewed area, with excellent thermal acoustic performances and technological equipment.

The design approach starts from the composition and commercial need of building loggias and balconies, that are not present in the current status. The creation of some loggias in the building silhouette allowed moving some living area to the top floors of the blocks to obtain different accommodation solutions such as some valuable flats with rooms on two floors.