Project description

In the heart of the seventeenth-century Milan, along the historic Corso di Porta Vigentina, the new building replaces two buildings of the 1950s and 1960s. The latter were in an advanced state of decay because they were not used at all.

The project aims at replacing completely the existing buildings with a double overlapping structure, in compliance with the surrounding urban landscape. The primary volume, surrounded by consistently high buildings, reinterprets the Milanese tradition through a three-section façade with a solid base covered with ceppo di gré stone, a lighter central part where the volume covered with black plaster is lightened by loggias and windows. The secondary volume lessens its impact thanks to a significant setback but at the same time it seems “a different” element of a chronologically later period.

The project aims at creating an environmentally friendly living space, thanks to the careful and responsible use of the materials, the fiber-optic wiring, the use of LED for lighting, the certified installations and products made in Italy, the charging of electric cars, the remote heating and cooling control.