Project description

IKEA started a structural verification programme of all its commercial buildings and warehouses. CEAS has been commissioned to carry out the checks14 stores and 6 warehouses, in 12 different locations.

The verification activities involved a careful check of the available technical documentation and the drafting of an investigation plan according to the structural typology and the building inspection.

The buildings inspected are mainly reinforced concrete prefabricated structures with in-situ cast parts and metalwork or wooden covers.

Upon inspection IKEA was provided with a summary document of the detected problems: presence of cracks, spalling of cover and of corroded reinforcement, incorrect joint execution, metalwork with deteriorated surface protection or incomplete joints.

The remedial measures of the discrepancies detected were adopted by taking into account the need of preserving IKEA big and important real estate assets, as well as the maintenance criteria of a multinational reality and the maintenance standards of the new Stores.