Project description

The Quad Towers are an astonishing Business Centre in the geographical centre of Malta, an exciting mixture of offices and shopping areas with large parking areas, large external areas and panoramic squares.

Designed to obtain the LEED® Platinum certification, the Quad Business Towers will offer next-generation offices, distributed over 19 floors in height and more than 44,000 square metres of commercial area. Their development was carefully carried out not only to ensure the best experience possible for tenants, but also to implement important bioarchitecture concepts.

The building consists of a common 10,400 m2 basement, with a pseudo-rectangular shape, developing on 5 floors intended for car parking connected by a main ramp plus 2 auxiliary ramps.

The lower and upper ground-floors contain the ancillary services. These two floors are connected, at different heights, to the peripheral roads creating a public square for each level.

The East, South, North and West Towers make up the high-level part of the complex and are used for offices. The number of floors varies from one tower to the other: the highest tower is 21 floors above ground, while the lowest tower is 15 floors above ground. Some pedestrian bridges with different shapes connect the Towers by twos between L03 floor and L06 floor.

The building structures are all made of reinforced concrete cast on site, with the exception of the basement floors that are made of reinforced concrete but are prefabricated. The bridges and the louvered roofs to support the photovoltaic panels have a metal structure.