Project description

The Bahrain Bay Development (BBD) is a consortium of global investors who are following the construction and the development of the Bahrain Bay in Manama, in Bahrain. The project involves the construction of several buildings including AXA Insurance Headquarter Building. This is a 7-storey building of offices with a large internal hall and terraces at each end.

The building is in a privileged position, overlooking the sea on the north of the Barhain Bay and on the border with the western side of the main channel, with complete access to the structures on the side of the Bahrain Bay channel and an excellent view on the North Manama Causeway.

The structure designed by CEAS is completely made of reinforced concrete, with the only exception of the wattle structure beyond the cover, supporting the façades, made of metalwork. In particular on the ground floor some very big beams serve as discontinuous structural wall for the pillars of the floors above ground. The bracing elements have a tilted growth as to the vertical axis.

The underground structure that will contain the four-storey parking is particularly binding, since the excavations, supported by reinforced concrete diaphragm walls, reach 15 m depth and have a 7 m water head.

The building sizing has been carried out using model FEM 3D and the excavation supporting work sizing with non-linear 2D models. A geometrical and parametric 3D BIM model has also been created to obtain graphic design outputs.