Project description

Innovate with new ideas, newly developed technologies and materials to restyle the customized areas of the new human activities. On the basis of these assumptions, the residential buildings Ciak were born, taking the place of the homonymous Theatre, today in a new location in viale Puglie.

In the heart of Città Studi area, in Milan, this redevelopment project built prestigious residential Class A buildings. They are thermo-optimized, with reduced consumption, a low environmental impact and innovative home automation technologies.

The project includes two independent buildings interconnected on the ground floor and two buried levels for garages and cellars. The first building, along via Sangallo, consists of 15 residential units on seven floors above ground. The second building, at the back of the property, consists of eight floors above ground with 21 real estate independent units.

These buildings are one of the first examples of application of the provisions of the Italian standard NTC08 regarding earthquakes. In 2008 the choice of producing heat transfer fluids with water exchange machines, with the water taken from the water table and then returned to it, was particularly innovative.