Structural and geotechnical calculation programs

Since the birth of our company, we have been developing structural and geotechnical programs, such as design tools, and we have been providing consultants and professionals with technical support. In addition to commercial products we develop tools devoted to specific Customer requirements. We offer our assistance and support for using software packages, produced by leading software houses and distributed by HARPACEAS, for engineering and scientific research in the construction field, the geotechnical characterization of rocks and rock mechanics.

ParatiePlus and XFinest are produced by CEAS and distributed by HARPACEAS, that provides assistance too.

FLAC and FLAC3D are produced by ITASCA C.G., a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. In Italy they have been marketed and supported by HARPACEAS under the supervision of CEAS since 1989.

Paratie Plus 2019

Born in 1985 from the cooperation with Mr Roberto Nova of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Paratie Plus™ is a non-linear code to simulate the interaction between a flexible supporting wall and the soil, with the subgrade reaction method. This is a simple but strong approach accepted by the design practice and by International Standards such as Eurocode 7. Thanks to a simple interface, conceived and produced by the same users of Paratie Plus™ in CEAS, this code has become a calculation standard accepted by important public purchasers. In extreme or unusual situations, Paratie Plus™ can play an important part in the final scheme optimization that will then have to be checked through more complex modelling, such as for instance FLAC. Nowadays Paratie Plus™ is an integrated design including not only the supporting work calculation but also the possibility of studying for example problems of slope stability and flows of water.

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X Finest

Available since 1983, Xfinest is a finite element program with the main types of elements (one-, two and three-dimensional) and capable of carrying out linear analysis (static, dynamic, instability, with response spectrum, frequency response and time history), non-linear analysis (geometry and material) and pushover analysis. It has been chosen by several Software Houses as finite element solver within integrated modelers for Civil Engineering and it is used by ParatiePlus to carry out filtration analysis.


The Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua is a powerful two-dimensional continuum analysis program of the behaviour of rocks and soils and of the support structures interacting with them. It can be used interactively or in batch mode, and it is a general validity tool in the mining, geotechnical and civil sector, that can be applied to a very wide range of studies and engineering problems. From its placing on the market in 1986, FLAC users have increased to more than 2,500 people, in 60 countries all over the world. In Italy there are about two hundred installations, including the main engineering companies, universities and research centres, as well as a large number of professionals. FLAC3D is a code similar to FLAC, but capable of operating in 3 dimensions, without any geometry restrictions. They are produced by ITASCA C.G., a company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, and in Italy they are supported by CEAS. In Italy the whole marketing, distribution and marketing information activity is carried out by HARPACEAS. For CEAS too ITASCA programs are now the main tools used in the geotechnical design and advice activities. In this case CEAS can offer an excellent technical assistance to the other users, both as to the program use and more generally the definition of particular engineering problems.


Application of software packages and examples of specific tool development.