Project description

In 2013 CEAS was entrusted by SINECO (SINA Group) to develop a software to establish the driving conditions of Exceptional Load Transport (ET) on the A35 BreBeMI motorway. The software developed is made up of:

· A web application (that can be used with any browser, by trained staff, but not necessarily qualified for using structural calculation) requiring – by means of an interactive graphical interface – the definition of the features of the exceptional load transport (position and axle load) and of the path to approve giving the assessment of the driving conditions, and of

· A verification form comparing in background the stresses caused by the ET on each work with the stresses foreseen in the project, developed in compliance with standards NTC2008.

The stresses are calculated automatically by the application, according to the analysis results of the FEM models of each work, subject to a unit grid load, previously developed and stored in a suitable database.

Results are expressed directly according to the negative or positive assessment of the driving conditions, with or without limits to the simultaneous passage of other vehicles.