Project description

In autumn 2009 a cliff wall falls into the sea together with the prewar period masonry work built over it due to a violent sea storm.

Therefore, it was necessary to intervene urgently (2010-2011) to stop the progressive destruction of masonry work and of the unstable portions of rock by building a reinforced concrete string course fastened with passive nails to protect some brick arches and by covering with nets and ropes some cliff parts and an unstable part of a buttress.

During the second phase, started at the end of 2012, the systematic survey of the whole shared park area was carried out identifying 8 areas with a different degree of urgency. Securing the complex included the construction of new riveted string courses, the installation of nets and ropes, the barring of portions of rock and the systematic sealing of joints and cracks in the rock and in the wall-coating surfaces.