Project description

A new road network about 1.5 km long, from piazza Kennedy to via Teodorico, improved the accessibility to the whole north-west area of Milan. The junction on viale De Gasperi, with a spectacular arch bridge 80 m long, allows accessing the path that frees vehicles from the surface road network thanks to a predominantly underground tunnel of about 1 km. In this way the area liveability is improved, because traffic flows underground and the neighbouring areas are redeveloped, with a significant recovery of green areas inside Monte Stella park by transforming via Cimabue into a cycling and pedestrian track. The tunnel features are particularly innovative to ensure the maximum safety and the reduction of pollution. It is equipped with an innovative ventilation system, with a plant that conveys the carbon dioxide emissions to the unit located in the Portello Park, with a fire-fighting system and of a video surveillance system. The tunnel, designed by CEAS, was built in three phases with the so-called cut and cover method, that is deviating the surface traffic towards temporary locations, but always keeping in operation the traffic lanes in both directions.