Project description

The project of a new stadium in Milan aims at achieving a wide range of objectives, primarily sport-oriented, but also in the fields of social, environmental and urban planning development. A new stadium would also meet the needs, expressed or latent, of the city’s football clubs, of their respective supporters, of residents in the San Siro area and, more broadly, of the overall Milanese community.

The two teams today need a modern, efficient sports structure, with high environmental and energy sustainability requirements, which enhances their competitive power in the international arena, consolidating their sport leadership in Italy. But the project is aimed at the wider city community, in particular the residents of San Siro, providing for the redevelopment of the area, the creation of complementary services, the improvement of roads and public transportation, and the foundation of a new environmental and urban heritage. The solutions designed respond to the highest innovation and sustainability standards, improving livability, the availability of commercial, recreational and sports services, the presence of green areas connected to existing parks, and the offer of new office spaces.

In 2019, CEAS was asked by the Milanese clubs A.C. Milan S.p.A. and F.C. International Milan S.p.A. to develop a first Economic Technical Feasibility Study (PFTE), coordinating all the specialized disciplines involved in the definition of an efficient and sustainable project proposal. Following the need to make significant changes to the first proposal, in compliance with the requests of the Municipal Administration of Milan, CEAS signed a revision of the PFTE in October 2020, and a subsequent update in September 2022. The PFTE is the prerequisite for the now ongoing Public Debate, which aims to introduce to the public the proposal for the new stadium and the adjacent new sports district, subsequently collecting comments and proposals to allow for the evaluation and improvement of the project itself.