Project description

The new multi-storey parking facility, located near the historic center of Varese along Via Sempione, has significantly changed the city’s traffic flow. The design choices were driven by both functional needs and the requirement of integration into the urban layout, primarily serving the downtown area. The building spans approximately 2,600 square meters over three above-ground floors and one basement level, accommodating 315 cars. Design decisions and subsequent technical and construction responses aim to achieve a high-quality complex, focusing on spatial aesthetics, construction methods, and performance.

The most prominent volume, housing the parking garage, is clad in exposed reinforced concrete structure with a perforated envelope made of oxidized green copper composite panels – Tecu Patina. This design serves to obscure parked cars while creating a dynamic interplay with natural and artificial light. The second volume, hosting offices, features a compact monolithic mass in white concrete interrupted by a metal blade in copper, marking the main entrance of the complex. The helical ramp spirals around a central cylinder, which serves as its sole load-bearing structure, blending structural innovation with architectural expression.

Material choices satisfy both aesthetic and durability requirements, ensuring a straightforward and cost-effective maintenance program. Innovative approaches to sustainability and safety were incorporated into the building’s systems, including a 40 kWp photovoltaic system and three electric vehicle charging stations. A specific Wayfinding strategy enhances spatial orientation for users – including those with reduced mobility – ensuring smooth movement.