Patrizia Polenghi

Member of CEAS, Chairman of the Management Board and Managing Director. Integrated Project Manager and corporate Quality System Manager and in particular BIM implementation and development manager. She is the contact person for the corporate Project Management Office.

Graduated in civil engineering, transport sector, she began her career in companies specialized in underground works and she gained an extensive experience as coordinator of large multidisciplinary projects.

Since 1997 she has been working for CEAS as road and rail system designer with the expansion of railways infrastructure in the North of Italy, the coordination of civil design of the Hidd Power Generation – Barhain, the design and operating management for the construction of several underground car parks of the PUP of Milan and the design and works management of residential and tertiary buildings.

Her latest experience in the construction of Fondazione Prada in Milan is particularly significant. She coordinated the construction phase of the museum, leading the large corporate team of the works management. She also coordinated its planning and construction and led the complex planning permitting procedure of the museum.