Bruno Becci

Member of CEAS and of the corporate Scientific Committee. Together with Pierangelo Felotti and Giovanni Canetta, he is Software Area Manager.

Very experienced structural engineer, since 1984 he has been working for CEAS as geotechnical engineering specialist and expert in continuum mechanics and mathematical models for engineering. He gained specific experience in stress-analysis and the verification of reactors, tanks and columns for chemical plants.

He designed the foundations of many infrastructure projects among which the design of the foundations of the High-Speed Railway Bridge over the Po River and the geotechnical design of the works of the High-speed Milan-Venice railway.

He designed the structures of several industrial plants both in Italy and abroad, such as the new cement factory at Calusco (BG), the new Tenaris power plant at Dalmine (BG), the Hidd – Bahrain power plant and many other similar plants in Europe and in the USA.

He acquired considerable experience in the geotechnical field designing opencast mining and pit excavations. He developed specific numerical calculation algorithms for the bulkhead design and the intermediate phase verification of opencast mining.

He developed calculation programs for structural analysis, including the Xfinest, PARATIE PLUS and STEELWORLD programs where he implemented the EUROCODE 3 Standard and British Standard 5950.